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How to download my Aadhaar card

How to Download Aadhaar card

Hi,I am Joydeb from wbnews.ooo as you see in title i am taking about How to download my Aadhaar card. 

So,As an indian you all know about aadhaar card.some time we lost our aadhaar card than we need redownload our aadhaar card.if you go to a cyber cafe they charge more than 50 rupes and main reason is they took to much time.so now can also download your aadhaaar card at home or anywere but the condition is you have some datails about your aadhaar card.

Aadhaar card downloading process


1.At first search on Google Aadhaar card or you can go directly by click here UIDAI

Here a screenshot.

Screenshot 20180820 094809 - How to download my Aadhaar card

Official website for Download AADHAAR CARD

2.step two than you have to choose the option download Aadhaar card. 

See in the left side of the UIDAI website there you find Aadhaar Enrolment

And slide down and you find the option in 3rd number that is Download  Aadhaar card.

Here the screenshot.

20180820 112229 - How to download my Aadhaar card

Than click there.and you find a pop up for a new page open like thisScreenshot 20180820 094822 - How to download my Aadhaar card

3.Click ok and they put you to a new page.the page is


Screenshot 20180820 094903 - How to download my Aadhaar card



4.Ok than click on the cross sign and the is like this
Screenshot 20180820 095025 - How to download my Aadhaar card

5.than see in top of the form here has a option “personal details”
Choose the option which you have Aadhaar card or enrolment number click on the check box.than fill up the details and click on send OTP and wait for a second they send you a OTP and as you can see in all most bottom of the page but not bottom of the page.here ha a option enter OTP fill the OTP that you get by SMS. than click on download Aadhaar or now it began to downloading.now the Aadhaarcard downloading process is complete.whenever the PDF downloaded open it and ener your name’s first 4 word and your birth of year here you see your Aadhaar card..
I hope it helpful for you..

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